I was feeling overwhelmed by what lay ahead of me- cooking, journaling, blogging, getting Medha ready for school, exercise and cleaning. Even the fun things like journaling my kids’ activities felt gargantuan a task. 

My head was exploding; I was carrying a heavy sack across my shoulders; A lump was blocking my throat making it difficult to swallow; Nothing was going according to plan; And there was no plan in the first place. I felt clueless. I was wandering.

And then I slept. A nice, long, restful sleep.



I woke up smiling. Really. I didn’t know I was so hungry for some good ol’ solid sleep! 

And now I have a list. A list of things to do. I will tackle them all, one by one.


Ginger Tea


Every morning the smell of ginger boiling in water along with tea-leaves and freshly-ground pepper, beckons me to the kitchen. I find my husband hunched over the tea-pot brewing tea. Each time I take a sip I find myself telling him how delicious it is and how hard it is to imagine my life without it!

I don’t even try preparing it because I know mine won’t be half as good. Most people we know can’t prepare one half as good as he does. Ginger is the key, he tells me.

Ginger makes the tea spicy. Though it is a spicy root, I’ve heard it is quite soothing on the stomach and eases metabolism. And I read somewhere that it reduces stress and helps improve mood. No matter how rough the night before has been, attending to my baby’s needs, a cup of Ginger Tea can totally wake me up. Our friends and family completely agree with me.

Nursing a piping hot mug of tea in hand for as long as I can I read a book or get some writing done or make a list of tasks to be accomplished in the day or just have a quiet time with my husband before the kids wake up. When I’m done I’m ready to take on any challenge life throws at me.