Wise enough to be foolish

Wise enough to be foolish

I have to admit I hardly read books by Indian authors. It’s not that I don’t find them good enough. I loved the “God of small things” by Arundhathi Roy, “The white tiger” by aravind adiga and all of jhumpa lahiri’s books. It is just that certain books don’t resonate with my life here in the US any more.

I’m sure reading the works of Indian authors will make me more aware of the world I was born into and raised in. There’s so much about my country I don’t yet know.

I love to read. I mean I’m obsessed with the written word. If I like a book I re-read it. Many times. I even take notes when I come across something important or relevant to me. I loved “wise enough to be foolish” by gauri jayaram so much to have done most of the above. 

I read its review on another blog and was so thrilled, I went ahead and bought the e-book. I will consider my mini-goal achieved if at least one of you buys or borrows the book after reading this post.

It’s about the author’s life growing up in India and going through things many indian girls go through- boys preferred over girls, molestation by family members or strangers, expectation to look beautiful to better marriage prospects and  so on.

I instantly fell in love with this book and the author’s journey. It was nothing like the other indian authors I’d read so far. The English used here is not the literature-type that has a melancholic undertone. It is simple, free-flowing- a refreshing read. This book strengthened my belief that every story, if well-told, matters. Even mine.

She also tells the story of the India I wasn’t aware of. Live-in relationships in the 90s? ‘Space’ between a married couple? High school kids engaging in sex?

Certain parts of the book might feel cooked. But don’t stop reading. Heck! You WONT be able to stop reading. Did she find the love of her life in the end? you’ll want to know. I waited. I ended up with a big smile plastered across my face for the rest of the day.


So…. read on.

3 responses to “Wise enough to be foolish”

  1. Im going to buy this. While we are on books by Indian authors, please read “Palace of Illusions” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Moghul trilogy by Indu Sundaresan. I’m sure you would love these books as much as I did.


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