Used book Sale at the library

Books in boxes, on tables, in shelves; books everywhere.  Books on Religion, philosophy, art, literature, travel, western, Books for children etc. What more can a book-lover ask for from life than to wander among the tomes like a kid lost in candyland?



This was my state at the library book sale. It was Half-price day and the Used books already priced low were being sold at half their prices. Can you believe that?

We bought quite a load of them-children’s books for medha, a memoir and a couple of fiction for myself. And all for about 5 bucks! Awesome!

I know, my sister, another crazy book-lover like me,  is going to be jealous when she reads this. 

4 responses to “Used book Sale at the library”

  1. So wonderful that Medha has inherited your love for books. I always wished Mantam would love books as much as I do. Although they enjoyed it when I read books to them, they never developed the passion for books. But all that changed after we came to Sydney. They are smitten by books and I am a happy mum 😀


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