Fruit-loops Necklace

My mom is an expert at Handmade Bead Jewelry and my sister is her Designer. I do my part in the family business by supplying beads and tools when I can. You can browse the gorgeous “Soni Summer collection” here.

One morning, for our daily project, Medha and I decided to dabble in Jewelry-making. We made a necklace out of Kellog’s Fruit-loops and a black string (from one of her dresses that I had saved up for a project). I let her pick the colors she wanted in the necklace and string the loops herself as they had holes big enough for the string to pass through. I just tied it up with a knot in the end.

She was very proud of her handiwork. After all that work and showing-off, she used it as a mid-morning snack as well.

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