A visit to the doctor? Bring it on!

“No breakfast, no Dentist!”, I warned my daughter as she threw a fit about not wanting to finish up her plate. That worked! In went the last of a chapathi that lay limp as a rag just a moment ago.

Medha’s excitement for Doctor’s visits still confounds me. She looks forward to them as much as she does playing at the park.I used to fear doctors as a child. Images of snotty noses, dizzy spells, hard benches, long waits, antiseptic smells, apprehension until judged sick enough for needles, sight of those damned needles, pricks in the butt, bitter medicines-my list will go on- ooze through my volcanic memory if I dare look back.

My daughter doesn’t fear her doctors. In fact, she considers them her friends. They treat her as one too. Yesterday, her dentist explained to her all that she could eat (Candies and Ice creams! Just not the sticky ones, she said.) and drink (Juices, about 4 ounces each day, mixed with water, of course.) in a tone that didn’t sound like her mom’s lecturing!


As Medha got her teeth cleaned and flossed, Madhav, our littlest one, squealed with delight and conversed with the painting of fish and ocean on the walls. We all had a fabulous morning just visiting a doctor.

Dr. Katz praised Medha for being a big, brave girl and gave her a goody bag full of things like brush, floss,  snow white sticker and a couple of toys.She even received  a certificate for being cavity-free!  Medha emerged outside, beaming. I’m sure she’s dreaming about her next visit already.

There will be shots in her future I’m sure. They might curb her enthusiasm for further visits. But I hope these happy, pleasant memories crowd out the painful ones.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown


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