Power to Read

With the Power to Read!

Medha is elated to possess her own library card. It is in her name and helps her access books and the children’s-room computers. We are yet to see what those computers hold but I’m told they have educational games and other knowledge-enhancing programs for kids. I think she’ll love it; she has already sort of mastered the use of our ASUS Epad.

A card wont make her an independent reader just yet. I will still have to read her a box full of board books myself for the 2 straight hours that we are at the library (I can’t fathom her capacity for reading or her love towards books at the tender age of 2!). Yet, it is still poignant, this transfer of power as I see it, like I’ve bestowed her with a credit card. Actually she uses it as one, trying to swipe it through ATM machines or at the check-out counter of stores. Whatever, I hope we put it to good use.

I have one more news to share. To take my love of the library a step further, I have begun volunteering there. It isn’t much; I just shelve the books in the alphabetical order of the author names or as per Dewey Decimal System in some cases. But it is something. It helps me show my gratitude to the library and meet some really interesting and friendly people. So shelve I will, until, maybe, I find a real job…














3 responses to “Power to Read”

  1. Can you please define “real job”? People who travel for hours to reach their office, or sometimes live far away from their family and loved ones just to earn few bucks, or sit in front of the computer for hours till our eyes pop out,, or do all the work and finally the credit going to someone else? Well I wouldn’t want to call that a real job!! I feel that doing something I love the most in life will be the real job. Something which I would wait very eagerly in the morning to do, something I am proud to be doing everyday, that is my real job!!


  2. You have passed on your love for reading to your daughter! It’s nice to know she enjoys the book that are read to her! and about the real job, Totally agree with Madhurya! She put it across so well!


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