Explore. Dream. Discover

Here’s something I try to remind myself often, not just before a trip, even as I live my everyday life –

“Any trip can be fraught with disappointment: Expectations are always high and anything can go wrong. Here are a few suggestions for both the first-time and inveterate travelers: More important than packing a bag full of money, pack a bag full of patience and curiosity, allow yourself- encourage yourself- to be side-tracked and to get lost. There’s no such thing as a bad trip, just good travel stories to tell back home. Always travel with a smile and remember that you are the one with the strange customs visiting someone else’s country. Relying on the kindness of strangers isn’t naive- there are good people wherever you go. And finally the more time you spend coming to understand the ways of others, the more you’ll understand yourself. The journey abroad reflects the one within- the most foreign and unmapped landscape of them all, the ultimate terra incognita.”

– Patricia Schultz, ” 1000 places to see before you die”

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