A family afFARE.

Gone are the days when holiday nights meant a moonlit walk down the University Boulevard or dinner at a chic Italian restaurant. Our family is in deep slumber even before it is 10 in the night. Now you might think I’m complaining but, really, I’m not. They are replaced with something even better, cheaper and less chaotic: pizza nights watching a movie with the help of our home-projector or something even more fun: The whole family cooking and then eating the fruits of our labor.

And why is that better? Lets see-

Manasa + Cooking= Dinner

Prasad + Cooking= A delicious Dinner


The whole family + Cooking= Delicious Dinner + a messy kitchen + FUN

Our Little Helper
Prasad, the Master Chef.

Last night, together, we prepared a Vegetable Pad Thai, one of our favorite dishes from Pei – Wei, a Thai restaurant. We found the recipe here (the recipe calls for eggs but you need not use them. We didn’t.). Medha got cracking the peanuts and Prasad did the cooking. I did my squirrel’s share of work clicking pictures of the master and his helper at work and of course of the dish itself. The dish, my mouth waters at the thought of it,  was fantastic (I know the adjective sounds lame, but it WAS fantastic!)!

Tofu and Veggies in a simmering sauce.

Vegetable Pad Thai and a glass of Pinot Grigio. A restaurant experience right at home.

Well, there was a lot of clean-up for me to do afterwards, but it didn’t matter. There was good music, great food and a fun family time.

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