A star in the making….

I once held him as a baby, pushed him around in his stroller, let him pull my hair with his stubby fingers, sang and danced with him. Now he is all grown, much taller than I am. His voice I used to hear as a child, narrating long tales that made no sense whatsoever, is now broken and holds knowledge within.  His days are spent preparing himself for an IIT education (and probably chasing girls) but in his precious spare time he works on his music. Here’s a song written by my brother, Karthikeya. Tell me how it is .(Like me you might need a dictionary to really understand a few words and the emotion the song conveys.)

A rockstar and songwriter in the making!

Gazing upon the stars
thinking of my renegade
trying to relinquish my memories
Of a past that i regret
but they say the show must go on

as fear lurks on
grasping my mind from the very existence of time
but in a distance I see a glittering smile
drawing my gaze to its moaning beauty

It took me in with purity of a holy grail
Showering the sands of time
and there i stood petrified and stupefied
realizing i had a choice
A choice to rejoice the rest of my time…..

How wise his words are at the tender age of  16! Karthik, you made my day!

You have a choice too: Spend your days in regret or rejoicing over life’s little pleasures. What will you choose today?

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