Blogging despite Opposition.

There are many who haven’t heard of my blog; there are some who are aware of its existence but are too exhausted by the prospect of reading it and then there are a few, mostly family members, who are pestered by me to follow it. Guess who just blatantly hates it and can’t stand the sight of my working on it? My dear daughter of course!

I hate blogging!

Most of the time I’m in a rush trying to finish cooking, eating my lunch, cleaning up, taking a shower, writing in my journal and then posting on my blog in the short time that Medha is napping. But there are days when she wakes up right at the moment I log into our laptop. Then I simply shut it and forget all about blogging until about 8 in the evening. At that hour anxiety creeps up and gets hold of me, reminding me of my poor, under-nourished blog. Leaving Medha under her dad’s supervision I get down to business.

With Medha busy watching an Elephant on Animal Planet channel or some other animal on another channel, I start working on my post for the day. A paragraph into my post she notices that I’m occupied with something other than animal-watching with her, so she comes  to me trying to strike a conversation. I politely refuse and turn her attention towards her dad.

Minutes into my writing she tries a new strategy. “Look at my aayi!”, she says, pointing at a wound. I respond by kissing it Goodbye.  Next, she points at a piece of dirt sticking to her feet saying, once again, “Look at my aayi!”. I play along. If I just ignore her I know she’ll bug me until I react.

As I read my blog aloud to check if it’s flowing right, a board book plops into my lap. Her look says I should read her book if I so want to read something. At such times even if dad’s ready to read or entertain it doesn’t matter. She wants mommy, she’ll do anything to get her attention. Between me and the laptop she sits trying to obstruct my vision.

Just when I’m coming up with a suitable ending for my post she resorts to her final trick: She slams the laptop shut. Oh… there she comes. I’ll take off before I’m attacked once again by my teeny tiny cutesy monster!!!

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