Durango (part 2)

…… (Continued from Durango (part 1))

After an evening of strolling beside the Animas river we made our way towards Steamworks Brewing Company, a gastropub, a pub serving food. It wasn’t time yet for dinner but the restaurant was already packed. With no place to spare on the long wooden benches in the waiting area, customers crowded outside, drinking house-brewed beers or snacking on peanuts or simply catching up with friends and families.

A half hour into our wait we were led inside to our table. Once inside we were absolutely thrilled. The place was pure chaos, an absolute mess! Just the right place for a family with a toddler. I simply let Medha be herself instead of trying to civilize the monkey within her.  With a box of chalks given by our waitress she unleashed her artistic self right on the floor. While she was busy rendering the next “Monalisa” Prasad and I settled in our seats and worked on our basket of peanuts and a pint of Steam Engine Lager. A beer had never tasted good before and munching roasted peanuts had never been fun. The floor was strewn with peanut shells that were simply tossed after cracking open a nut.

Eating out had never been fun before….

The main course wasn’t disappointing either. Prasad ordered a crunchy Gourmet Quinoa Burger with beer-battered French fries and I got myself a cold Greek Wrap and Salad. I tried stuffing most of my food into my busy daughter’s mouth as I had my eyes on the enticing burger. I did manage to snatch a few scraps when Prasad wasn’t looking.

Greek Wrap and Salad
Quinoa Burger…. Best of all the Bests.

We went to the same place the next day. This time we ordered a Greek pizza while Medha played with a little girl her own age.There was chaos and mess as the day before. The thin-crust pizza topped with Portabella mushrooms, artichoke hearts and lots of Feta cheese was tasty and satisfying. But what we’ll always cherish about the experience is the novelty of a quiet dinner even in the midst of all the hullabaloo.

(to be continued….)

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