I HATE the heat!

This is an assignment I submitted last summer for a creative writing workshop.. Read and Enjoy and please do come visit us. Tucson isn’t as bad as I have described it to be. Or maybe it IS bad but only in the peak of summer. Enjoy….

“It’s  going  to  be  warm  and sunny  today.”, the  weather  reporter  announced. Now what’s new about that, I wondered. We live in Tucson; of course it’s going to be warm and sunny.

October is fast approaching, yet I see no respite from this heat. When the temperature goes a whopping 110F or more it feels like I’m engulfed by flames the moment I walk out the door. And the insides of my poor, rusty car reaches a comfortable cool just as I’m about to reach my destination.

Wet clothes dry in minutes when hung out. My patio is sizzling hot I wonder if I can crack eggs and make omelets right outside or probably on my neighbor’s bald head.

 Enter Tucson on a dreadful summer day and you feel like you have walked into an oven. Once the temperature setting is turned up, there’s no reducing it. You emerge toasted and scarlet and in my case, foul-mouthed. When the temperature soars, I find myself flaring like the ball of fire that blazes outside. Then, I do nothing but scream at my poor husband if something is out of place and sometimes I admit, even at my baby. I begin cursing the weather, this city and eventually, my life.

I hate being cooped up at home . My daughter hates it even more than I do. She’s 15months old and loves the outdoors. Our Dora the Explorer’s index finger always points at the door commanding me to let her out. When I yield to her demand and do go outside we come home with our complexion turned dark-chocolatey from the usual cinnamony. Not to mention the dehydration we both end up suffering with. I’m always anxious about the construction workers toiling under the sun. I can’t fathom why they aren’t summoned to work early in the morning or late in the evening giving them a break when the temperatures hit their peak.

The relentless heat doesn’t let my potted plants survive either. If they start incarcerating plant-killers I am sure to be prosecuted first. I have lost count of the exotic flowering plants and  herbs I left to shrivel and die outside. I am barely capable of raising my girl, forget something that’s a different species altogether. Now our yard is full of hardy, low maintenance cacti and succulents that require less water, thank god, but bear no fruit or flower!

My daughter and I frequent the parks in the evenings where we both let out our pent-up frustration. We roll on the grass, race each other and enjoy the swing and slide. And dream about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.Winters are pleasant and magical here. I hope to make the most of that short, beautiful time before the monstrous summer descends upon us once again.

6 thoughts on “I HATE the heat!

      1. Ya pls tell him that we praise him too!! U know, I have told my family n my frends hw my jiju is an athlete and an awsome tennis player!! Our family is full of extraordinary ppl :D:D


  1. I have been grinning ear to ear since yesterday, ever since I came to know that you blog too. Have always been a fan of your writing Manasa. I’m enjoying the posts immensely for I get a chance to catch up on the interim years. I can’t say it enough that you have a way with words.


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