Lesson #2

“Anything one does every day is important and imposing and anywhere one lives is interesting and beautiful.”- Gertrude Stein.

When I was younger I’d do things when I was in the mood for them. I’d write when I deemed struck by my muse. I’d pray when I realized I had not thanked god enough for all that I’d been blessed with. I’d set up a blog, posting only when I thought I had something important to share. I’d also think people had to be born genius or lucky to have a fulfilling life and career. I didn’t think working hard at and for something would take me much farther from where I was.

I now understand the truth behind “Genius is 1% inspiration but 99% perspiration”. My family is rich with poets and writers. In the time it takes for me to think and finish writing a sentence my uncle can construct an entire poem or my dad a whole story. Dad even has most of the Oxford Dictionary at his fingertips. My writing was never as good as theirs. It still isn’t. Period.

With consistent journaling and other writing exercises I have been able to take it a notch higher than where it was when I realized my dream of becoming a writer. Blogging regularly is also helping me come up with ideas to write and sharpen my output.

I’ve realized when I do something everyday it becomes a habit, a part of my daily life. Then I feel miserable when I skip doing it even a single day. Just because something unexpected and important pops up in your to-do list you don’t skip brushing your teeth or taking a bath, do you? Journaling and Blogging have become that enmeshed in my routine now. 

And so is playing at the park with my daughter every evening and saying my prayers. I used to be lazy when it came to praying. I assumed God always had his doors open for me, his favorite child, but with age and experience I’ve realized that in order to be a  better person I have to work on certain things consistently. So now I pray everyday and make a habit of being grateful for everything, big and small, in my life.


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