A visit to the Children’s Museum

Prasad’s handprint on a board of squishy needles.
Inside a Fire truck
Building a tree
Working at the check-out counter of the Tiny-tots shopping center.

Now you might wonder if we went to a Museum for Children or an unusual Museum for the childlike. No. We did go to the Children’s Museum but it was Prasad who had the best time there. Can you believe he had to be dragged inside?

Medha was scared of most of the stuff. She refused to sit on a cop-bike or inside the fire truck or even an ambulance for a picture. Thank God the dinosaurs that we had seen on our last visit to the museum weren’t on display!

We tried to rid her of her fears but all we got in response was a high-volumed wailing.

Papa no truck!!!

It wasn’t all bad. She did have fun at painting and other activities.

Maybe she will be an artist?
Or maybe a business owner?
A Writer maybe?
But a happy and free-spirited being I hope she’ll always be….

3 responses to “A visit to the Children’s Museum”

  1. Can’t stop admiring your style of writing! Humor and your subtle style of expressing your feelings is commendable! Keep it coming!


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