Vegetable Dosa


If there’s one thing I’m certain my picky daughter will eat it is a  Dosa. It takes me forever to get the batter well-ground with my Oster blender but I suffer so I don’t have to worry about her one meal a day for the rest of the week. Since Dosa is a staple in my kitchen, I try and make different versions.

Here are the reasons why I chose to make Vegetable Dosas last saturday-

1. Medha has something to eat for the next few days.

2. I don’t feel depressed on account of her not having eaten anything.

3. Satisfy my husband, Prasad’s cravings and

4. Lure our friends , Vinay and Vandu, to visit us boring parents!

The recipe for this version of Dosa was handed down to me by my mother-in-law who invented it after tasting them at Hyderabad’s Kamat hotel.

I prepared the batter by soaking  4 cups of Sona masoori rice with a cup of urad dal and a spoonful of dry beans in water all friday morning. In the evening I mixed a cup of poha to the pre-soaked rice and let it stand for a half hour before grinding the mix into a paste. By saturday morning the fermented batter had almost doubled in quantity and was ready to be transformed into Dosas.

A Vegetable Dosa is eaten with a Vegetable Curry, Chutney and Raita. Raita was the easiest to make. I mixed yogurt with grated carrot, chopped cucumber, tiny pieces of yellow onion and cubes of avocado (Add them and you’ll never eat raita without them!) sprinkling some salt.

I made chutney grinding a big block of frozen coconut with a handful of dalia. half a bunch of cilantro, a 1×1 inch coin of ginger, half a spoon of tamarind pulp, 2 green chillis, water and salt.

For the vegetable curry I sizzled a teaspoon of mustard seeds in a large pan with a tablespoon of hot oil. After the mustard seeds it was a teaspoon of urad dal’s turn to sizzle. Then I added finely chopped vegetables like Carrot, Potato and Green Beans and fried them till they were well done. I ground  a tablespoon of coconut, 3-4 garlic cloves and half a teaspoon of red chilli powder and scooped the powder out and into the pan where my vegetables were cooling off after the intense heat. In the end I perked everything up with a  dash of salt and a teaspoon of Garam Masala.

My Dosas were a hit of course but the dessert, Pineapple Ksheera, stole the show. You can see it lolling beside the Dosas in the picture. Get hold of my chef of a husband for its recipe!

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