Home away from home.

The one place that has been a haven, a second home to me here in the US is our public library.

Oro Valley Public library looks out to the Catalina mountains and lush green golf-courses. Before Medha, I’d go there almost everyday to sit by the window reading an armchair traveler or scribbling a few thoughts on a piece of paper or finishing a psychology 101 assignment. Even the thought of myself bent over a book with a tall Starbucks in my hand is enough to make me drool and smile.

When I was by myself during the day I’d go there just for a shot of energy, a boost of happiness that came with strolling amidst big shelves lined with books.

Books, with their gorgeous jackets and crisp yellowing sheets, waving at me and luring me into their worlds. I’ve entered so many of them these past 4 years, worlds so unlike mine, but each one having taught me a thing or two about life. They’ve entertained me, broadened my knowledge and made me a slightly better person than who I was.

More than anything it’s the accessibility of education that makes me ever grateful for my life here. In the US you need not own a penny to be wiser or smarter. You just need a library card which doesn’t cost a thing to procure. But when you have one, a wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips in the form of books, e-books, audio-books, magazines, CDs, book clubs and educational seminars.

Ever Since I heard of “Storytime” and began taking Medha, she has become a huge fan of the library too. At “family” and “toddler” storytimes she sings, dances and listens to stories read by Miss. Betty. At the end of each session we go into the children’s room to paint and read board books. After Medha has made me read to her some 55 books or so, I drag her out with a promise of coming back the next day. In this case I’m more than happy to keep up my promise.


The tree of knowledge outside the library reads-

“The more you read the more you know

  The more you know the more you grow

  The smarter you grow the stronger your voice

   When speaking your mind or making your choice.”

2 responses to “Home away from home.”

  1. This is so damn good!!! Dad was telling how nicely you have written!! And it is so true that education is given so much importance there! I am reaallyy reallyy looking forward to visit this library and some to Medhu 🙂


  2. this is really great… 🙂 yes indeed medha has become a great fan of books… though i am not a good fan of reading i loved it when i read to her on my visit to tuscon.. now i am so loving to read this blog of yours 🙂 may be i will increase my skills of reading after this 🙂


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