Strawberry and Oats Cake


I made this Strawberry and Oats Cake for my friends Rachana, Sahana and their families today. It came out perfectly round, moist and delicious. Baking is always a wonder to my unimaginative mind that cannot foresee the end result. In fact the whole process of cooking is like magic to me except that after a few days of making breakfast, lunch and dinner it becomes dreadfully boring.

The idea that adding a cup of this, throwing in a handful of that and sprinkling some salt or sugar depending on whether it’s an appetizer or a dessert ultimately resulting in something so mouth-watering always fascinates me.

The pleasure of making this cake and watching the batter bake and bulge out of the pan was greater than eating it. Of course a bite of it, soft and melting in my mouth, felt good too. The best feeling of all was watching everybody enjoying my cake, even Vinay’s parents who hardly consume any dessert at all.

4 thoughts on “Strawberry and Oats Cake

  1. it looks really yummy…yummier than we made 🙂 ya manasa the art of cooking is really in our genes.. it just need some time,effort and interest to bring it out…i have also learned it after marriage 🙂


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