Writing fever

Pinned to my notice board is this quote by Melissa Hart of butt2chair.wordpress.com which I try hard to imbibe:

 A few of my favorite habits:

  • Carry a small notebook and pen whenever possible.
  • Write a little everyday.
  • Read a little everyday.
  • Take several sensory breaks a day – no matter what you are doing, ask yourself what you smell, taste, hear, touch and see in one minute.
  • Really listen to and look at people and animals. Note inflection, body language, facial expression, accents etc. This is all potential research.
  • Query an article, review etc. and get yourself a deadline. 

I manage to do all but query. I fear approaching a publication with an article will spill the beans about my incapacity to write. And I continue to fear after all the writing classes I have taken and the daily writing that I practice.

5 responses to “Writing fever”

  1. No, that is not a right attitude. Even if someone criticizes your work, you must take it in a positive way. Thats how you will correct those mistakes and become a perfectionist! But you know, you have the capability to captivate the reader just like any professional! So go ahead and follow your dreams!


  2. You have got the reader’s attention by your writing already.. I am curious to know what’s the next post! You are already a superb writer! Keep writing, Manasa!


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