Watching her grow

“No! I’m scared!” , my daughter cried whenever I’d ask her to go down a slide. The most she did at the park was ask me to swing her which we did until I got bored or my hands began hurting. Now and then she did go down a slide which was maybe as tall as her, but she wasn’t adventurous until a few days ago. 

Things have been changing since she entered the “terrible 2s” as that age is popularly and appropriately called. She knows what she wants and makes me work hard to swerve her wants. She is capable of charming me into agreeing to her wants. She is easily bored. She has become more daring. I can’t believe she is the same sweet-pea that  draped across my shoulders or clung to my legs until a few days ago! 




Even as I miss that tiny girl I dotingly watch her grow up. She has morphed from someone who despised unusual situations to someone timidly testing the waters and now someone more ready for challenges. Uh-huh! I’m not ready to let go of her yet! As she scales steep ladders or goes down big slides I stand ready to catch her if she falls. From behind I whisper “Medhu, take one step at a time, slowly and steadily”.


4 thoughts on “Watching her grow

  1. WOW!! This is too good! Even when we all are so far away from Medha and you guys, I could actually see your proud face watching your li’l girl playing and jumping around. This is truely amazing! Please write more related to this.


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