Trying once more

I’ve blogged before. Countless times. If you’re someone with a vested interest in my mental health you’ll wonder why I keep coming back to blogging despite giving up many times before. If you aren’t an acquaintance you might sneer at my hapless blogs drifting through the blogosphere.

What do I say about the tug that I feel towards blogging or the mere act of writing. Either I’m writing or thinking of what to write next: my baby girl Medha’s gibberish or our recent trip to the Yellowstone National Park? Daily I journal my thoughts, activities around the Pejavar household and Medha’s latest act. With blogging, apart from providing a glimpse into our lives I’ll be able to include pictures of our memorable fleeting moments.

Here I am, once again,”trying, trying and trying until I succeed” in building something meaningful and fun.

2 responses to “Trying once more”

  1. I am silently going through all the blogs and mark me these will be cherished for a long time.
    Amazing amazing and simply amazing recollections.


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